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Cat & Dog Exams
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Routine wellness exams are the cornerstone of your pet’s health and well-being. Dogs and cats often try to hide signs of illness, making it difficult to tell when your pet is feeling sick until the disease is much further progressed. With regular cat and dog exams, we’re able to detect underlying illness before physical symptoms are present and treat it before it gets worse.

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Why Annual Cat & Dog Exams Are Important

Cats and dogs age several years for every one of ours. This means that a lot can change for them in a year’s time. Illness, age-related problems, allergies, and many other issues can develop quite quickly and without yearly exams, can potentially go unnoticed. With annual vet visits, we’re able to give your pet a thorough and thoughtful exam that assesses their health and uncovers any underlying problems.

Wellness Exam Services

Common services we perform at wellness exams include:

A nose-to-tail physical exam      Vaccinations, as needed      Fecal exam      Age-appropriate blood work      Heartworm and tick-borne disease screening      Urinalysis, if needed      Nutritional or behavior counseling if needed      And more

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Many of our wellness services can be performed in the comfort of your own home through our mobile veterinary services.

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A Regional Health Problem for Pets: Lyme Disease

In Chadds Ford and greater New England, Lyme disease, a tick-borne illness, is a common concern for our pets. Dogs are most vulnerable to the disease because they are more likely to be outdoors than cats, and they often accompany us in areas where ticks are prevalent. Lyme disease is transmitted during the period of time while the tick is engorging themselves on their host’s blood. Due to the prevalence of ticks infected with Lyme disease in our area, we highly recommend the Lyme disease vaccine for dogs as well as tick preventatives for dogs and cats all year long.

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Poultry Care in Chadds Ford

In addition to care for cats and dogs, our veterinarian, Dr. Tancredi, also offers some basic care for chickens, ducks, and other poultry species. Services we can provide for your poultry flock include:

Wing crop surgery      Wound stitching
Basic sick care      Amputations of damaged wings