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Vaccinations play an ongoing role in your pet’s health care plan. Puppies and kittens will receive a series of vaccines during their first year of life to strengthen their immune system. Then, as adults, cats and dogs will receive routine boosters throughout their lives in order to maintain their immunity. At Old Ridge Veterinary Hospital in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, we work directly with you to develop a personalized cat or dog vaccination plan so your pet only gets the vaccines they need to stay healthy.

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Which Vaccines Does My Pet Need?

Every pet is unique, and while there are some vaccines that we recommend for all pets (rabies and distemper), others are based upon your pet’s lifestyle. Your veterinarian will use the following factors to determine which vaccines your pet needs:

Age      Breed      Risk factors particular to our area      If your pet travels, and where they travel      If they are often boarded, stay at daycare, or visit the dog park      Whether they are outdoors or indoors

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Our Cat & Dog Vaccinations

Vaccines we offer for dogs and cats are some of the latest and safest in the industry. Our core vaccines, including rabies and canine and feline distemper (DHPP and FVRCP), are offered as one-year or three-year vaccines, while noncore vaccines are usually one-year. Bordetella, depending on the type of vaccine (nasal or injection) can be a six-month or one-year vaccine.

  • Rabies – a core vaccine, required by law in the state of Pennsylvania for all dogs
  • DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza) – a core vaccine, highly recommended for all dogs
  • Lyme – a noncore vaccine that we consider core since Chadds Ford is one of the top 5 counties in Pennsylvania for Lyme disease
  • Leptospirosis – a noncore vaccine recommended for dogs who are often outdoors
  • Bordetella – a noncore vaccine recommended for dogs who are often boarded, groomed, or in other dog-social situations
  • Canine flu – a noncore vaccine recommended for dogs in similar social settings to Bordetella
  • Rabies – a core vaccine, required by law in the state of Pennsylvania for all cats
  • FVRCP (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia) – a core vaccine, highly recommended for all cats
  • Feline leukemia – a noncore vaccine, only recommended for outdoor cats

How Safe Are Cat & Dog Vaccines?

Vaccines for dogs and cats are very safe. Mild reactions do occur and often include soreness at the injection site and lethargy, but these are not serious and quickly resolve themselves. More serious reactions to vaccines are very rare, and the risk of going without the vaccine is much higher than the risk of having a serious reaction. If you have any concerns about your cat’s or dog’s vaccinations, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (484) 383-8387.